Air Cooled Chiller

An industrial air-cooled chiller that cools fluids with a facility's air handler system. Works with best heat absorbing technology.

Benchtop / Tabletop Chambers

Compact design yet adhere to multiple test standards & ideal for long term tests. It easily fit into any small lab space and can be moved across effortlessly.


Provide the accurate measurement of the density of polymers.

Halt and Hass Chambers

– Provide extreme temperature & vibration capabilities used during the product design and manufacturing cycles to compress the time normally required to identify design and process weaknesses.

Impact Tester

– Provide the best test results to determine the service life of a part or material. Capacity of impact work depends on many factors. This equipment is eligible for use in quality systems.

Industrial ovens

– All type of Industrial ovens with various temperature range used to remove moisture, gas, and other possibly volatile chemicals from items while preventing reactions.

Melt flow index tester

– Provide the accurate measurement of the melt flow of a polymeric material. Test the features that define the usability and properties of the polymers.

Salt Spray

– Suitable for standardized and popular corrosion test method, check corrosion resistance of materials and surface coatings.

Temperature Humidity Chambers

– Provide the effects of the extreme range of temperature and relative humidity conditions. Suitable for biological items, industrial products, materials, and electronic devices and components.

Tensile Tester

– Tensile tester also known as UTM Machine. The powerful testing machines combine high performance, ease of use and superior flexibility. Ideal for various testing applications and routine quality control testing.

Thermal Shock Chambers

– Two zone and three zone thermal shock chambers that provide various working volumes for temperature shock testing of product by rapid change in hot and cold temperature.

Walk in Environmental Chambers

– Provide the effects of the extreme range of temperature and relative humidity conditions for large scale applications. These chambers also known as Walk in Chambers.

Vibration Shaker

– These are known as Electrodynamic Vibration Shaker and used to check and improve the reliability of the product in a specific vibration environment.

Roterless Rheometer

– Rheometer is used to determine the flow behavior and deformation. In Rubber industries it is used in laboratories to test rubber flow in response to the applied forces.

Refurbishment or Upgradation

Tech Climatic Engineering provide refurbishment and Upgradation facilities to improve and extend the operational functionality of all type of Lab Equipment. We also support in analysis of requirements that fulfill the operational objectives.

Repair and Service Contract

Tech Climatic Engineering offers repair and services contract to restore equipment in its original function on an as needed basis, it may be required due to malfunctioning or any other failure of equipment for all type of lab Equipment.

Annual Maintenance Contract

Tech Climatic Engineering offers Comprehensive and Non- Comprehensive annual maintenance contract of all Environmental Test Chambers and other Lab Equipment for preventive maintenance.

Spare Parts and Material Supply

Tech Climatic Engineering supply the spare parts and material related to service of related equipment.

Environmental Chambers

Tech Climatic Engineering provide sales support for the related products.

Training & Technical Support

Tech Climatic Engineering provide Onsite and Online Training and Technical support.